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Franz (+ Lisp Graph) Tech Corner - October 2015

Lisp Tech Corner News
October, 2015

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Allegro CL 10 Now Available
ACL 10.0 splashscreen
October 6, 2015 Franz Inc., an early innovator in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and leading supplier of Common Lisp (CL) development tools and Semantic Graph Database technology, today announced Allegro CL 10, which includes key performance enhancements now available within the most effective system for developing and deploying applications to solve the problems in the field of Artificial Intelligence. "Demand for faster, more intelligent and scalable applications is increasing with the Big Data onslaught that is impacting applications in traditional AI industries like National Defense, but also in Life Sciences, Manufacturing and Financial Analytics," said Dr. Jans Aasman, CEO of Franz Inc.

To read the full press release, see here.

Free ACL 10 Express Edition - Download Now
ACL Logo
An updated version of Allegro 9.0 Express (our free version of Allegro CL 9.0) is now available. It has a license expiration date of February 1, 2016 (the older version expired on September 15, 2015). It also has all updates and patches as of September, 2015. You can just download the new license file from that site, if preferred. Its name is devel.lic and you should copy it into the Allegro CL 9.0 Express directory overwriting the current license. Also, the 10.0 Express version will be available soon.

Express users should download the new version starting from here.

New Garbage Collection Features in Allegro CL 10.0
Garbage Collection
Allegro CL 10.0 has a new garbage collection implementation. The basic design is unchanged: the heap is divided into two newspaces and an indeterminate number of oldspaces. Regular scavenges clear garbage out of newspace using a stop and copy algorithm, and objects that survive a specified (initially 4) scavenges are tenured to oldspace. Oldspaces are gc'ed during global gc's only, using a mark and sweep algorithm.
New in 10.0 are:
  1. The garbage collector can use multiple processors to perform its work, if they are available.
  2. The garbage collector has better information on pointers on the stack so objects which are actually dead can be gc'ed.
  3. The garbage collector can optionally skip portions of a global garbage collection if the space recovered is too small.
See the Tech Corner Article for further details.

Windows Touchscreen Support in Allegro CL 10.0
Common Graphics, the windowing system associated with Allegro CL, provides touchscreen support on the Windows platform in Allegro CL 10.0. Touchscreen gestures were added to Windows in Windows 7 and are supported in subsequent Windows releases (such as 8 and 10). The Common Graphics facility corresponds closely to the Microsoft API and uses similar names for functions and arguments, though adpated for use in Common Graphics and Lisp.

See the Tech Corner Article for further details.

Franz in the News 

"Common Lisp Programming for Artificial Intelligence" training class to be offered by Dr. Seiji Koide in Tokyo
Seiji Koide, Ph.D., offers a 3-day training class titled "Common Lisp Programming for Artificial Intelligence" in Tokyo, Japan. The seminar will be based on his upcoming book with the same title.

Please visit http://peatix.com/event/115092 for details.

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Training Schedule

LabBECOME ALLEGRO CERTIFIED - To obtain your Allegro CL Certification enroll in our LIVE Program which offers developers an opportunity to learn and improve their Lisp programming skills from the comfort of their home or office while interacting with the Franz instructor.
Lisp Programming Series Level I: Basic Lisp Essentials - November 4, 11, and 18
Lisp Programming Series Level II: Specialized Components of Lisp - December 2, 9, and 16
For additional information and to register, see here.

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