Tuesday, October 7, 2014

AllegroCache v3.0 - Now Available!!!

AllegroCache is a high-performance, dynamic object caching database system. It allows programmers to work directly with objects as if they were in memory while in fact the object data is always stored persistently. It supports a full transaction model with long and short transactions, and meets the classic ACID requirements for a reliable and robust database. It automatically maintains referential integrity of complex data objects. AllegroCache provides 64-bit real-time data caching on the application memory to achieve very high data access throughput by applications over as large a data set as necessary.

"AllegroCache is the heart of our rule-based Solicitation Selection system as well as our Medical Supply Chain solution for the U.S. Department of Defense." noted Glenn House Sr., President 2Is Inc., "We are delighted with the new functionality in AllegroCache 3.0.  We are able to cut our hosting database footprint by 50%, increase our transaction speeds by 50% to 100% and bring new search capabilities to bear." stated Mr. House.

New features in v3.0

  • SMP Optimized -- perform simultaneous operations on index btrees
  • Compressed Indexes -- reduces database size by up to 50%
  • Regex Cursors -- efficiently match string values against regular expressions

AllegroCache Features:

  • Persistent CLOS Objects in Allegro Common Lisp -- Class definitions are stored as first class objects in the database
  • Dynamic Schema Evolution -- Redefine classes on the fly, persistent objects are lazily updated when accessed
  • Standalone & Client Server -- Single user on local disk or multiple clients talking to single server over sockets
  • Native lisp btrees -- Comparable in speed with BerkeleyDB, with more control
  • Transactional model -- All ACID features, commit/rollback, and optimistic concurrency
  • Supports databases with billions of objects (and Terabytes of Data)
  • Convenient macros to loop over classes, maps and sets
  • Indexed slots -- A mapping from slot-values to objects, retrieve objects and object ids (oid)
  • Maps -- Transactionally safe persistent hashtables
  • Sets -- Persistent large collections of objects
  • Supports most common datatypes -- Including unsigned-byte 8 arrays, maps and sets
  • Object ID's unique for the lifetime of the database -- User accessible
  • Dump the database into XML files
  • Restore database from the XML dump
  • User controlled caching -- For the size of the btrees and the total number of objects stored in the cache
Download Now - Express Users Downloaded or Updated as of October 16, 2015, AllegroCache v3.0 already included.

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