Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Allegro CL v10.1 Beta - Now Available

New Allegro CL 10.1 features

    • 64-bit Linux ARM (aka ARM64 or ARMv8): both SMP and non-SMP
    • For macOS and Windows: executable signing
    • Character tables updated to Unicode 9.0.0
    • OpenSSL is dynamically loaded rather than statically linked
    • defstruct slot-option validation
    • xmlrpc now uses the SAX parser rather than the older, deprecated XML parser
    • The IDE's trace dialog reports the elapsed time for each traced call
    • Implements "grab_fast_mutex" for all architectures, leading to performance improvements for multiprocessing on some architectures
    • GC improvements
      • find-gcpath: A new tool to help locate the reason specific objects are being kept alive across garbage collections
      • collected-newstuff: a tool to help analyze the heap allocations made while executing a block of code
      • Handle exceptions during GC: Exceptions during GC are now reported, with a mechanism for using a low-level (non-lisp) debugger to analyze the problem
      • Miscellaneous performance enhancements for the global GC
    • New external format: GB18030
    • Source-level stepper improvements (these are not yet documented but will be during the beta period):
      • Top-level stepper is less verbose and stays with source forms, instead of macroexpanding
      • IDE stepper is better integrated with the base Lisp, and shows steps more intuitively
    • With more than 200 fixes and 150 enhancements (see the release notes for the highlights), this release focuses on stability and some important new features.
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