Thursday, January 10, 2019

Allegro CL 10 Express Edition Update

Welcome Allegro CL 10 Express Edition Users

An updated version of Allegro 10.1 Express (our free version) is now available. It has a license expiration date of January 31, 2021 (the older version expires on January 31, 2019). This new version also has all updates and patches as of January, 2019.

One option is to simply download the new version from the website - Download

For existing Allegro CL Express installations, you can update the license to extend the expiration date to January 31, 2021.  Please see the instructions below.


Update your existing Allegro CL 10.1 Express Installation

Options for existing Express users:

1. Before January 31, 2019:  Obtain the new license and all current patches via our standard software update process.

      a.  Mac/Windows/Linux using the IDE - Use the Menu to "Install -> Updates"

      b.  Emacs or command line - use (sys:update-allegro)

2. After January 31, 2019:

Option 1 -  Download a new Express installer from here:

Option 2 -  Download just the new license file and install it manually:

     Windows -
     FreeBSD -
     Linux -
     Mac -

The name as downloaded will be "develx.lic" and it needs to be  renamed to "devel.lic" when replacing the file named "devel.lic" in the installation directory.

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